Friday, 3 May 2013

Only a People’s Power can BN-Umno be toppled

P.140 Segamat (13th General Election on May 5, 2013)
46,262 (20,093/43.43% Malays; 21,393/46.24% Chinese; 4,641/10.03% Indians)
Vote for Change, for our children’s future
Only a People’s Power can BN-Umno be toppled

Chua delivering his ceramah in Batu Anam.

SEGAMAT (May 3, 2013): Caretaker Prime Minister Najib  Abdul Razak’s Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) is the dirtiest ever ruling coalition in electoral history.
“Not only is the Election Commission (EC), led by an Umno member, continuing to allow soldiers and police to vote twice with the ‘delible ink’ fiasco, it ignores BN’s money politics and the use of foreigners who carry national registration identical cards that specify expiry dates but they are allowed to vote in the 13th General Election on Sunday (May 5).
“Given the shockingly extensive cheating in electoral history by the corrupt BN-Umno, only a truly People’s Power can topple such an irresponsible regime.
“Malaysians need to make it at least an 80% and above voter turnout to ensure that they realise change. Your hopes for a clean, caring and loving Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will not come true if you don’t come out to vote on May 5 because every vote counts,” Johor PKR chairman Chua Jui Meng said.
Speaking at three ceramahs in Buloh Kasap tonight, Chua said: “BN component parties are today the traitors of Malaysians and the country. The fear of losing political power has led them to use foreigners to win the vote on May 5.
“BN cannot be trusted any more, it must not be allowed to govern Malaysia with such irresponsibility. If you do not want foreigners to decide your future, come out in full force to cast your ballots,” he added.
Chua said Umno’s Tengku Adnan had confirmed flying in people back to the peninsula to their home state to vote on Sunday.
“Tengku Adnan claims that PR was also doing the same by using buses to ferry people back from Singapore to vote. But there is a great difference.
“We are ferrying back Malaysians. BN is flying in soldiers to enable them to cast their ballots a second time as ordinary citizens and foreigners, especially Bangladeshis,” he added. (View this link to see if they look like Malaysians: )
Chua said much has been said in ceramahs about PR’s Bukit Jingga, PR’s federal manifesto and Johor PKR manifesto.
“Tens of thousands of flyers have been distributed. Read and judge for yourself our caring, loving and transparent policies for the people when we are given your mandate to govern,” he added.
“On Sunday, it is the rakyat’s only chance to rid the corrupt and racist BN-Umno regime through the democratic process. If BN-Umno is returned to power, it will be even more arrogant, more corrupt and greedy,” Chua said.
Here are some pictures for the night: