Thursday, 6 December 2012


华人不怕巫统的513威胁 (Chinese not afraid of Umno’s May 13 threat)

By Chua JuiMeng

Johor PKR chairman and PKR vice-president Chua JuiMeng addressing diners at the LayangLayang PKR dinner on Dec 1, 2012.

IT’S very irresponsible and unbecoming of Shahrizat “Cowwoman” Abdul Jalil to use the May 13 to threaten all Malaysians, especially the non-Malays, at the Umno general assembly that ended on Nov 30, 2012).
Who will become Prime Minister when Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is given the mandate to govern in the next 13th General Election?
Who will be the new Johor MentriBesar when PR wins the right to rule the state?
De facto PR leader Anwar Ibrahim, a Malay, will be the prime minister. His deputy would also be a Malay, PAS president HadiAwang.
A Malay leader from the PR will also be the new Johor MentriBesar (Chief Minister).
So, how can there be the May 13 racial riots recur when the Umno-led BN is given the boot by the people in the next national polls. PR Malay leaders are also backed by non-Malay leaders in PKR and DAP.
There is no racial discontent or friction. Only BN-Umno will be replaced by PR.
BN politicians who continue to use the May 13 racial riots as the bogey to scare or intimidate Malaysians into supporting them are completely out of date and doing a disservice to communal unity and nation-building.
So, are you all here afraid of Umno’s May 13 threat? The diners responded with a loud “NO”.
Chua … Malaysians must not fear exercising their rights to show who the boss is in this country.

The next general election is not about race or religion.
It is about good governance and justice.
Who are the super rich and rich in Malaysia? They are the Umno Malays and their cronies, not the ordinary rural and urban Malays.
Umno has, over the past 55 years swallowed the bulk of the country’s wealth for itself, as reflected by the RM1 trillion capital flight in the last decade.
Malaysians must therefore not fear exercising their rights to show who the boss is in this country. You have nothing to worry about because Anwar has been consistent in his speeches, stressing the need to do away with race-based policies to stimulate and fast track socio-economic growth via good governance.
In the last general election, PR only managed to win one parliamentary seat in Johor – Bakri.
The MCA lost Bakri when it denied me the opportunity to defend the seat.
Chua (right) seated at the main table preparing to deliver his ceramah.

This time round, our target is to strive for PR to win at least 13 parliamentary seats in Johor.
If Johoreans give their full support to PR in the next general election, it is not impossible achieve a historic strong two-party system in this country, something we have been waiting for the last 55 years.
Johoreans need to take the lead to help ensure our future is secured with a PR win. Every vote counts and I appeal to all LayangLayangand SimpangRenggamvoters to support PR in the next general election.