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System breaking down, empire falling

System breaking down, empire falling

By Chua Jui Meng

THE Najib Abdul Razak-led Barisan Nasional (BN) government is clearly breaking down or crumbling.
How else do you explain the police’s inability to carry out a simple task of crowd control. Worse, they just stood and watched the trouble makers resorting to violence against those attending political rallies organised by the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR).
The incident in Gombak on the night of Dec 5, 2012, is only one of the many visible examples of a serious breakdown in the system of governance.
There has to be a limit to the degradation of professionalism in governance by the civil service.
A hooligan-like Pahang Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) Adnan Yaakob is able to remain in office for more than a decade. Where is the integrity and morality expected of a leader? 
It is because of the 55 years of rule under the BN that the civil service’s vision is now blurred and is unable to tell the difference between politics and governance.
Here, I must make clear that the problem lies primarily on the Little Napoleans who spend the bulk of their time to curry favour in the corridors of power for obvious reasons and motives.
They have forgotten that the civil service duty and responsibility is to serve the people, not BN which has also grown arrogant over the years of uninterrupted rule.
Now, both the BN and the Little Napoleans behave like they are here to stay forever and that no one else is qualified to govern Malaysia. That’s indeed very, very sad.
The civil service must serve the people and country professionally. It is not duty bound to serve the interest and survival of any political party. Those who follow illegal orders are not protected by law and they must be warned that the arm of the law is very long.
In short, civil servants, in discharging their duty and responsibility professionally are expected to remain apolitical.
Their responsibility is to help the government of the day to administer and provide public service, not political service or interest.

 Why is the system failing?
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak must take the blame for the country’s breakdown in governance.
How does he expect the people to continue supporting him, Umno and BN with their confidence in the system fast eroding.
Najib’s elegant silence, pretending that the hundreds of socio-financial scandals are non-existent, is killing the system and governance. His failure to act against the corrupt, those who clearly committed sedition by spewing venomous religious and racial discord are most certainly taking a toll on the social fabric of the country.
The civil service has become so subservient to BN-Umno that it fears to take any form of legal action when the many scandals point to culprits connected with BN or the corridors of power.
Even Mat Rempits (Road Thugs) and samsengs (thugs or hooligans) employed by BN-Umno to cause disruptions are untouchable. Isn’t it the basic duty and responsibility of the police to protect the peace and the people?
Previously, when one party is holding a political rally, other rival parties are stopped from closing in at the scene. Why is this not observed anymore? The police just fold their arms and stand to watch, and make no attempt to stop the marauding trouble makers who come in noisy motorcycles bearing their party flags.
If this is not a case of a breakdown in the system of governance, what is?
Here, I wish to relate the display of a high level of civil service’s discipline, professionalism and integrity in the Philippines.
When President Gloria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo tried to extend her term in office illegally, both the police and army chiefs took a common stand for the people of the Philippines: “We will not follow any illegal orders.”
History has shown that governments have always been toppled by the people beginning with a breakdown in the civil service and its system.
When a civil service, cowed by an evil regime, is unable to perform its duty and responsibility to serve the people, it results in unfair practices and injustice.
This translates into growing public discontent, a total loss in confidence in the government and utter public frustrations.
We are beginning to see all these happening in Malaysia as displayed by the growing number of people attending PR political rallies.

Wednesday, 05 December 2012 17:09
UMNO thugs stab man at PR event
Condemnations greeted an incident last night in which a man was stabbed by pro-UMNO thugs during an event featuring Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Gombak.
"What kind of democracy is this? They are bereft of arguments, and now they employ thugs to disrupt Pakatan Rakyat programmes. It seems they enjoy immunity from the authorities," said PAS Youth information chief Riduan Mohd Nor in a reaction.
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was also at the event, compared the attack to those suffered by Prophet Muhammad during pre-Islamic times.
“If there is no action, I will personally come look for Gombak police chief," said Anwar, while advising PR supporters not to resort to violence in response.
PKR organ Keadilandaily reported that the victim was bruised on his left shoulder after being stabbed with a ‘kerambit' - a type of handheld weapon used by Malay martial arts practitioners.
It is believed that the prelude to the violence was a march by several BN supporters bearing party flags to disrupt the PR event held at Dataran Sharuddin, Gombak.
The event is part of the coalition's ongoing roadshow series under Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat in the run-up to the general election.

Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:23
Special Branch on his tail? But Musa has too many stories to tell & he's DESPERATE
Written by  Nawawi Mohamad, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

When you have a shrewd prime minister (PM) like Mahathir Mohamad, a compliant top cop (IGP) like Musa Hassan and a highly questionable Attorney-General (AG) like Abdul Gani Patail, so many things can be concocted to maintain the status quo and 'disguise' if not outright hide the system painstakingly built by Mahathir and his UMNO party to siphon out the nation's money right to the very last drop.
We all know of Mahathir's misdeeds such as his abuse of power, wastage and plundering of the national treasury without saving for a rainy day, thus leaving the Malays 'high and dry' like beggars in their own birthplace.
Make no mistake, Mahathir managed to create some Malay millionaires and even a few Malay billionaires, but like an ex-MRCB chairman said, “What is the meaning of having a few billionaires when tens of thousands other have to close shop?”
Still, in Mahathir's book, he is the grand savior and hero of the race and no one should dare to question him. As always, it is not him but the "ungrateful" Malays who are to blame for their own plight.
Pit of crocodiles
Now, let's get back to Musa Hassan, who retired as Inspector General of Police in September 2010 amid a running public quarrel with Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.
Musa and his two other famous siblings Jalaluddin, the actor, and Fuad, the former Ampang Jaya UMNO Member of Parliament, were born to a very religious family. They grew up in a strict but not too wealthy environment. As a result, they have had to work hard and fend for themselves.
With such a background, it is not surprising that Musa is able to show he has a mind of his own despite having been Mahathir's purported lapdog for decades - in fact, ever since the infamous sodomy accusations against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.
Musa was once the Johor Police Chief and most Malaysians have read about his alleged involvement with the loan shark syndicate boss Tengku Goh based in Muar. Yes, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission did perform their perfunctory 'investigation' but the AG ordered the case closed even before the probe was completed, citing a lack of evidence! But that's Gani for you.
The AG has also been accused of several incongruous acts unbecoming of his post as the nation’s chief prosecutor. At one point, Gani was even accused of keeping a mistress and that he had bought a house for her in Alor Gajah with money purportedly given by a director of a local construction group. The buzz was that Gani had given some 'help' in the courts pertaining to a few problematic business deals the company had been facing.
Gani was also close to Tajudin Ramli, the ex-MAS chairman and once 'blue-eyed-boy' of Mahathir crony - the ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin.
There is no question that Musa like Gani is of dubious character, with friends of similar dubious character and sad to say, all of them seem to have strong connections with Mahathir, whom many will agree is becoming shadier by the day.
Breaking from the pack
So why has Musa suddenly chosen to break from the pack and run by himself? Is he turning pro-Opposition and why? Is he joining PKR or PAS and why? No doubt, the truth will become clearer in time.
But until those stories come out, the most intriguing plot involving Musa, Gani and Mahathir is still the trio's alleged framing of Anwar Ibrahim for Sodomy I in 1998. The sodomy sentence has been overturned and Anwar freed in September 2004 after languishing in jail for 6 painful years.
Musa, who was then the investigating officer, had played an instrumental part in Anwar's persecution. However, it was for this incarceration that Mahathir promoted Musa to the post of IGP and the rest as they say is history.
Musa's big U-turn began in October this year when he suddenly withdrew his ‘Black Eye’ defamation suit against Anwar. News reports of Musa meeting with PAS Spiritual Adviser Nik Aziz also made the rounds and set tongues wagging.
Speculation was rife Musa wished to join PAS and indeed it has become a trend of sorts for many ex-top civil servants especially from the police to join either PAS or PKR to 'atone' for sins they say they had no choice but to commit whilst working under the Umno-BN administration.
Timed to get the maximum attention of the Umno leaders
Now, Musa Hassan is claiming that Najib's cousin, Hishammuddin Hussein the Home Minister, is interfering with police work. Why did Musa blare it all out just when UMNO was holding its 66th general assembly at the end of last month?
Many have suggested that there must have been some "very powerful" people - more likely from rival factions within UMNO's own doors than the Opposition - instigating Musa to do so.
It was also odd that the 'revelations' were made almost simultaneously with the Deepak Jaikishan exposures on Prime Minister Najib Razak, his wife Rosmah Mansor and Selangor Wanita chief Raja Ropiaah regarding a land privatization scam.
While Musa's 'testimony' embarrassed Hishammuddin, Deepak yelled loud and clear that Najib and wife Rosmah - were no better.
Stepped on toes
Whatever Musa's motives or whichever faction in civil-war-torn UMNO he is trying to help, it is clear the ex-top cop is also trying hard to save his own neck. Yes, the 'stubborn as a mule' Musa Hassan has realized his foolishness.
During his heyday when he was influential and consorted with the likes of Tengku Goh, Gani, Mahathir and other big shots, Musa had unconsciously offended many people along the way. He didn't realize it at that time but the straw that broke the camel's back was when he refused to play ball with Hishamuddin.
That resulted in his service being terminated without being granted any benefit of a chairmanship in some glamorous GLC or government-linked-company at all. It may be too much to say Musa was left high and dry but certainly as top civil servants go, he was definitely sidelined in his retirement benefits.
Musa had refused to play ball because of he thought he could still bank on his 'experience' or past errands done for Mahathir. But he found out the hard way that Mahathir's heirs had no intention of continuing the 'patronage'. So it was that Musa got zilch! nothing!
And to rub salt into the wound, Mahathir pretended not to notice even though at 87, he is still the one pulling the strings and controlling Najib as well as the other UMNO 'warlords' to enrich his sons.
But face it - Mahathir is simply too old to last much longer while UMNO is already in deep trouble. So it may have dawned on Musa that he had better make good with 'whatever' he has before Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya and orders a full-scale probe into all Mahathir's shenaigans. Musa must have also feared his own misdeeds might catch up with him. He knows he has to distance himself from all these dubious characters and come clean if he is to have a chance of avoiding jail and prosecution for involvement in corruption and abuse of power.
There are many people, who having passed their used-by date, have been ruthlessly discarded by UMNO. One recent example is Musa Hitam, the former deputy premier who suddenly ‘resigned’ from the chairmanship of Sime Darby. So like his namesake Musa Hitam, Musa Hassan too may be counting his days. Neither men have anyone to back them now.
In such a situation it does make sense for Musa to suddenly 'awaken', to try to take the moral high ground and speak up for the people - even though it is something he should have done a decade ago when he was still influential and could have really helped society.
The Ramli Yusoff factor
As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. So far, not many people are willing to help Musa now because of his own dubious character. With his background and dark record, who or which party would want him to blacken their doors? Sad to say, Musa Hassan is toxic - with a capital 'T'.
But apart from self-preservation there is still 'one thing' that scares Musa Hassan, and according to insiders, it was this 'thing' that made him decide to come out swinging at old 'benefactors' in UMNO. And what was this 'thing' that could make a man like Musa shake in his shoes and rush to unzip his once-tightly shut lips?
The answer is none other than the Ramli Yusoff case against the AG and himself. A former senior cop, Ramli was allegedly framed by the MACC in the “27 million cop case”. Ramli's lawsuit is really bothering Musa because the case is too clear cut. Seasoned lawyers say the facts can 'stick' in court and Musa will be made the scapegoat for the AG and the MACC because he allegedly “provided” the "evidence" for them against Ramli.
Perhaps Musa is now trying to say with all his voluntary 'revelations': "Hey, I am clean, I have done nothing wrong and it is them, all of them who forced me to do all those bad things!”
Special Branch on his tail
UMNO and Najib should take note because Musa Hassan has too many stories to tell and he is desperate. He holds so many of UMNO's dark secrets in his hands that it would be the height of foolishness and arrogance to ignore him.
The Opposition too should open their eyes wider as what harms UMNO usually benefits them. Anwar and PR leaders should try to reach out to Musa to 'pick his brains' or even broker some sort of solution to help Musa 'rehabilitate' himself in a manner that is useful, transparent and acceptable to society.
Musa, in his desperation, has failed to realize that he has poked into a hornet’s nest. Yes, it is the cousins' - Najib's and Hishamuddin's - very own nest. Waiting in the wings is also Rosmah, ready to move into action. Musa would do well to remember that attack is often the best defense and this piece of common wisdom is not exclusive but can also be applied by his enemies against him.
Sources say this is why the Special Branch police are now tailing Musa, their former boss just 2 years ago. It is clear Najib will have to stop Musa from doing more damage to his political career and jeopardize UMNO's survival at the same time, especially with the 13th general election just around the corner.
Musa is - as they say - in a tight spot. Dangerous and in danger!
Malaysia Chronicle
‘Don’t treat Musa’s claims lightly’
 | December 5, 2012
There is a possible obstruction of justice, says PKR.
GEORGE TOWN: The claims of political interference made by former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan should not be treated lightly as they concern a possible obstruction of justice, PKR deputy information head Sim Tze Tzin said.
Musa’s claims of political interference in the conduct of the police investigations should be noted by the top leadership and a probe should be initiated, he said.
His claims strengthened the belief that the judiciary is subjected to interference by individuals with a political agenda, he added.
Sim said Barisan Nasional leaders should not look at the claims by Musa within the scope of politics, but under the glare of justice.
Neither should anyone in Pakatan Rakyat look at this in the context of politics, he said.
Everyone should view the claims seriously to ensure that such interference did not recur if Malaysia wants to come across as a law-abiding nation, he added.
Penang PKR committee member Jason Ong Khan Lee said that the claims by Musa were nothing new.
Such interference had been going on for decades, he claimed.
Ong said that Musa’s claims were consistent with the allegations of senior police officers who had previously said their duties were hampered by interference of political forces.
He added that Pakatan would put a stop to such interference if it wins federal power in the coming general election.
He said there was a widespread consensus that the police were often used as a political tool to clamp down on dissidents, or any party said to be opposing the government.
It was only fair that the rightful parties including individuals who are accused of interfering, should step in and clarify the matter.
Ong said that almost every opposition politician in the country had at one time in their career had their statements recorded by the police.
This shows that the police are actively engaged in politics, he added.