Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Malaysians must rise like the Americans

Malaysians must rise like the Americans

By Chua Jui Meng

BARACK Obama, in his US presidential campaign, said: “Stand with me, work with me, let’s finish what we started.”
With that, the Americans re-elected Obama, based on his credentials and his four-year administration’s report card.
Come the 13th General Election, Malaysians will also be called for duty armed with their ballots.
For the Pakatan Rakyat (PR), its battle cry must surely be: “Stand with us, work with us and let’s get started and moving.”
As you would have noticed, my blog tag line is: Chua Jui Meng … Moving, not waiting for change.
Even if PR gets the mandate to govern, the task ahead is colossal, saddled with the burden of undoing Barisan Nasional (BN)’s 55 years of corrupt ways.
Corruption has made deep in roads into every level of the country’s civil and public system. It won’t be easy but not impossible to undo.
Look at the way the BN component party leaders and members are behaving in the run up to the next national polls which must be called by June.
Nothing concrete is being carried out to assure Malaysians that it will change to make it better for us.
All they do to try and win another mandate to plunder the national coffer are devious tactics that mean nothing to nation building.
They use their state-controlled media to concoct and spread lies, to mislead and misinform, to confuse and disunite Malaysians with racial and religious rhetoric. The list goes on …
They ignore the people’s basic demand for justice and fairness. The obvious corrupt practices, abuses of power at high levels are all brushed off.
Where is the justice for Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock and customs officer Sarbani? Where is the accountability for the RM574 million in kickbacks for the purchase of two second hand or reconditioned French-made Scorpene submarines?
Where is the accountability for the inflated pricing of the submarines at RM6.7 billion, only to find that it could not dive when delivered in 2009 and are unarmed? Taxpayers had to come up with another RM600 million to repair and make the submarines dive, and another RM800 million for arms, the delivery for which is scheduled for next year.
Where is the accountability for Sabah timber tycoon Michael Chia’s RM40 million cash-in-bag fiasco which is dismissed as above board because the money belongs to Sabah Umno?
Where is the accountability for the RM250 million Cowgate? And in no small way, where is the accountability of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz’s son, Nedim’s links with Chia?
Where is the accountability of Nedim’s affordability to wear a million-ringgit watch?
The accountability list goes on and on …

The latest Batu Caves condominium fiasco is a classic example of lies and deceit by BN component party leaders and members.
The condominium project was approved by the BN Selangor government in 2007. PR was given the mandate by the people to govern the state after the March 2008 political tsunami.
Now, the Indian members and leaders of MIC and Gerakan are crying foul, staging regular protests to blame the PR government for approving the project in an environmentally sensitive Batu Caves. BN is both the devil and the angel.
Compare all these with PR’s ongoing nationwide campaign trail.
Leaders are talking about the need to fight corruption, the need to change and make the civil service more professional and productive.
PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has gone on record to say that a PR federal government would do away with race-based policies, replacing them with people-centric initiatives that will propel and fast track socio-economic growth for Malaysians and Malaysia.
The details of the initiatives and proposals have been well spelt out in PR’s Buku Jingga and the alternative Budget 2013 and posted in the internet.
In contrast, have any BN leader, including Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, explained to the 26 million Malaysians why we are still living off debts?

After 55 years, why are we saddled with a federal debt of RM502.4 billion which is only 1.3% short of the legislated federal debt ceiling?
Where have all our trillions of ringgit in natural resources, including oil and gas, gone to?
That is why Obama’s presidential electoral victory is significant for the world and us, Malaysians, because as far as good governance is concerned, there is no room for race, only “I am Malaysian First …”