Monday, 5 November 2012

Najib only wants to disunite Malaysians, says Mat Sabu

Najib only wants to disunite Malaysians, says Mat Sabu

Chua at the Johor PAS annual convention. On his right is Mat Sabu who had just arrived and is making last minute changes to his policy speech.

PARIT BISU, BATU PAHAT(Nov 4, 2012): PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu says Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s only political strategy to win the next general election is to disunite Malaysians.
“Don’t fall for it. It is the unity among Malaysians in the Paktan Rakyat (PR) that is frightening Umno and Najib,” he said in his policy address at the Johor PAS annual convention.
A record attendance of more than 600 state PAS delegates turned up for the assembly which was also attended by other PR leaders led by PKR vice-president and Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng here today.
This year’s assembly was hosted by Parit Sulong PAS.
Mat Sabu, as he is more popularly known, said: “If any of the three PR partners - PAS, PKR or DAP – quit the Opposition coalition now, Najib would dissolve Parliament the next day.
“That is what he is hoping for. And that is why Malaysians have been kept in an election mode for about two years.”
He said the unprecedented wins by the Opposition parties in the March 2008 political tsunami had given birth to PR unity among Malaysians of all races.
A section of the delegates in the convention hall. Delegates also watched the proceedings outside the hall via live screening.

 “The perception of Muslim women and non-Muslims on PAS has also changed positively with the party also adapting to change.
“The fear for PAS and the prejudice against Islamic policies have been erased after 34 years. The irony now is that PAS safe seats are now in constituencies where there are significant non-Malay voters,” he said.
Mat Sabu reminded Muslims that they had every right to reject other religions but they had no right to insult others.

 Another section of the delegates in the convention hall.

“Insult is not the way of Islamic teachings,” he added.
He urged PAS members and leaders to continue to strive hard for electoral victory in Johor in the next general election.
“You can achieve victory with hard work, determination and unity by working within the PR,” he said, adding Umno can continue to bathe in their false belief that Johor is still their political fortress or fixed deposit state.
Mat Sabu officiated at the opening of the assembly.