Thursday, 21 February 2013

Give PR a chance to serve

Give PR a chance to serve

Six-year-old Fatimah hugging tightly on to Chua in Ulu Choh’s Kg Bahagia and said she was  willing to follow him. Her grandmother says Fatimah is a super friendly girl who does not fear strangers.

GELANG PATAH (Feb 18, 2013): Johor PKR chairman Chua Jui Meng’s fifth leg Gong Xi Fa Cai distribution of mandarin oranges to Johoreans today covered the mammoth Taman Teratai Pasar Malam (Night Market).
It was also another day-long campaign by Chua and his supporters for PKR in P.162 Gelang Patah.
It was a grueling round of walkabouts with Chua extending warm handshakes and greetings to about 20,000 Johoreans.
The state and Gelang Patah campaign team kicked off the trail at 2pm in Pekan Ulu Choh and Kg Bahagia.
At 4pm, despite the rain, Chua and his supporters and campaigners spent about two hours in Taman Sri Pulai.
At 6pm, the entourage was forced to take a break following a downpour at the Taman Teratai night market.
Chua and his team then distributed mandarin oranges at a row of shophouses.
When the rain stopped pouring at 7.30pm, they hit the pasar malam trail where Chua extended handshakes to some 15,000 people until 10.30pm.
Some 10,000 leaflets, in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia, containing information on the ills of Barisan Nasional (BN) were also distributed.

Chua distributing mandarin oranges in a Chinese temple in Pekan Ulu Choh.

Chua urged Johoreans to go for change in the coming 13th General Election.
“The blatant corrupt practices by BN must be stopped. After 55 years, the rakyat cannot hope for BN to mend its ways.
“Give us (Pakatan Rakyat) a chance to serve you and the nation for a term. See what we can deliver and then judge us in the 14th General Election,” he added.
Here’s the album of pix of the day-long campaign: