Sunday, 21 October 2012

Anwar - Malaysia’s finest finance minister

Anwar - Malaysia’s finest finance minister

By Chua Jui Meng

ANWAR Ibrahim’s proven track record as Malaysia’s finest Malay finance minister is sufficient for the rakyat (people) to give him the chance to be our prime minister.
Anwar was appointed finance minister at the age of 44 in 1991. His last five years as finance minister, from 1994 to 1998, saw Malaysia achieving successive Budget surpluses and it has been deficits all the way. Malaysia had also been operating on Budget deficits for 20 years before the emergence of Anwar.
Chua delivering his political discourse before the arrival of PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in Sri Merlimau, Bt 4, Kolam Air, Parit Sulong, in Johor on Oct 20, 2012.

Today, Malaysia is saddled with a federal debt of RM502.4 billion or 1.3% short of the 55% legislated debt ceiling.
This does not include the RM118 billion in off Budget liabilities or sovereign guarantees for private corporations like the Port Klang Free Zone and government-linked company loans ending 2011.
However, even these debt statistics are now in doubt as Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Muhkriz Mahathir had been quoted by TheEdge just before Budget 2013 that Malaysia’s borrowings were at RM800 billion.
Which is the correct figure? If Mukhriz is correct, then obviouslyPprime Minister cum Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak had hidden some debts from the public.
Anwar is definitely the right Malay leader with the capability to pull Malaysia out from the brink of bankruptcy.
He also has the right qualities of a reformist, like those leaders in the Arab Spring who were also jailed by oppressive governments, and were later given the mandate to rule with people’s power.
Parit Sulong villagers reading The Rocket, DAP’s party organ, before the arrival of Anwar for his ceramah (political talk) is a sign of change but discomfort for Umno. It shows the villagers are willing to widen their reading and think out of the box.

The brave Turkish people who went for change with Tayyip Erdogan in 2003 and today, about 10 years after, Turkey registered a 300% economic growth, is an excellent example of why the rakyat, particularly the Malays, need to think out of the box
Turkey had even settled its remaining EUR1 billion debt with the International Monetary Fund last April.
Anwar, in unveiling Pakatan Rakyat (PR)’s alternative Budget, made it clear that he would do away with race-based policies to stimulate and fast track Malaysia’s socio-economic progress.
He is the first Malay leader to truly show that he is a courageous leader for all Malaysians.
These are the qualities of a capable Malay leader who can become another successful Arab Spring leader.
PR’s Buku Jingga and its shadow Budget 2013’s macro-economic fiscal features are Anwar’s wawasan (vision) and policies to forward Malaysia, not Barisan Nasional (BN)’s budget of sweets to fish for votes.
Umno says Malaysia will go bankrupt if Malaysians vote for change and give PR the mandate to govern.
In fact, it is BN that will bankrupt Malaysia with unabated plundering of the national coffer and ballooning the federal debt.
Mrs Chua (right) is seated with her Malay brothers and sisters to hear Anwar’s ceramah.
Chua having a word with Anwar before the start of the ceramah in Parit Sulong on Oct 20, 2012.