Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why is PM Najib begging for Chinese support?

Why is PM Najib begging for Chinese support?
By Chua Jui Meng

Chua at a lunch talk organised by Selayang PKR on Oct 14, 2012.

PRIME Minister Najib Abdul Razak is now begging for Chinese support because he fears the wrath of the Chinese voters in the next general election.
After 55 years, he knows the Malaysian Chinese community have had enough of the MCA selling out to the corrupt Barisan Nasional (BN)-Umno. He knows the MCA is finished.
The Chinese cannot afford to continue to tolerate Umno’s socio-economic suppression which is retarding the country’s economy, causing misery to all Malaysians.
It is ironical that it was the Chinese who saved Mahathir Mohamad and BN-Umno in the 1999 General Election after the then Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was jailed with trumped up sodomy charges.
Some 60% angry Malays voted for the Opposition in 1999 but the Chinese remained loyal to BN. If not, BN would have been toppled then.
However, instead of thanking the Chinese, Umno leaders remained arrogant and continued to discriminate against the Chinese and non-Malays.
Now, even Sabahans and Sarawakians are getting restless by the day, struggling to make ends meet daily due to rising cost of essentials and living.
That is why Najib has been making visits to the two East Malaysia states, also begging for support from what BN-Umno claims to be their fixed deposits in general elections.
Friends have asked me why I did not just behave like a “Yes man” in MCA and enjoy the perks.
That is not my nature. Soon after I was elected an MP, I spoke in Parliament for about two hours on the flaws and misgivings of the New Economic Policy (NEP).
And it was Perkasa Ibrahim Ali who attacked me and succeeded in getting the Speaker to stop me from debating the matter further. (Here’s the details: http://chuajuimeng123.blogspot.com/2012/10/chua-on-nep-in-1988.html)
But my debate managed to capture Mahathir’s attention and he then formed the National Economic Action Council (NEAC) to review and made liberal reforms in education, cultural and economic policies.
Chua greeting Chinese guilds and association leaders upon his arrival for the lunch talk.
As far back as 2005, when I made my first bid for the MCA presidency against Ong Ka Ting, I made it very clear in my presidential election manifesto that the MCA must be reformed to remain politically relevant to Malaysians, especially the Chinese.
Unfortunately, the party central delegates refused to heed my warning that MCA was heading for doom. After the March 2008 political tsunami, I made a second bid for the MCA presidency, warning party members that MCA’s subservience to Umno had breached the Chinese community’s tolerance level and that they were now very restless.
I even called MCA to be prepared to leave BN if Umno refused to stop their corrupt and racist ways.
I also urged the implementation of serious reforms, as outlined in my manifesto, but still my plea was ignored. The pathetic state of MCA today is for all to judge.
I then had no choice but to find another political platform to help look after the democratic rights of the rakyat (people) and the nation’s wellbeing.
Under such circumstances, do you expect me to remain in MCA, flogging a dead horse?
A group photo of PKR leaders after a successful political lunch talk with Chinese guilds and association leaders.
Umno leaders and their supporters, like Umno’s outsourced racist leftist Perkasa, were fond of telling the Chinese to Balik Tongsan (return to China).
Why must I? I am born and bred in Malaysia. This is also my country, a country that I love.
Umno’s bigots are disuniting and destroying the nation by fanning religious and racist emotions.
What the Chinese and Malaysians want are dignity, justice and fairness in governance.