Wednesday, 16 January 2013

BN-Umno promoting violence due to fear of losing

BN-Umno promoting violence due to fear of losing
By Chua Jui Meng

VIOLENCE is certainly an indication of fear. And Umno is resorting to violence because it is unable to think out of the box to win the hearts and minds of the rakyat to remain relevant in politics.
Umno’s inability to change or reform after the March 2008 political tsunami is due to its arrogance and it has thus further alienated itself from the people.
Unable to win genuine support or draw crowds to its activities and political rallies, it resorts to violence in frustration.
The violence is especially severe in Johor – Umno’s last rogue state.
In the past, Umno supporters have attacked Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, me and now Seri Setia assemblyman and PKR communications chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.
They even went to the extent of switching off the lights at a block of flats where the ceramah was to be held.
Why are they so scared and want to stop or prevent us from holding ceramahs in the state?
Is it because Johor Umno and its state government have too many scandals and cheatings to hide?
Whatever, we will continue to hold ceramahs and expose Johor Umno and the state government’s many land grabs that affect Malay ancestral land.
For the past decade, the Ghani Othman-led state government has been using the Land Acquisition Act 1960 to “seize” Malay land for property development, benefitting Umno and its cronies.
The development also does not benefit Johoreans as the prices are too high and only Singaporeans and those from the federal capital Kuala Lumpur could afford to buy.
Umno cannot be trusted to take care of the interest of the Malay community. It only takes care of Umnoputras and cronies.
Clearly, Malaysians also cannot continue to depend on an unethical and irresponsible federal government that resorts to violence and cheating to remain in power:

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 13:46
VIOLENCE CONTINUES IN JB: PKR's Nik Nazmi kicked & barred from holding 'ceramah'

A scuffle broke out between PKR and BN supporters in Johor Baru last night, preventing PKR communications chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad from holding a ceramah.

Nik Nazmi said some 70 youths wearing BN and Umno T-shirts and carrying BN flags twice prevented him entering the ceramah venue in Taman Sri Stulang about 8pm.

On the first attempt, he said, he was confronted by a group of about 20 residents and people wearing Umno T-shirts and had to leave as tension built up.

"Police told them that they do not have the right to stop our ceramah, but they called more of their friends over and the situation became tense," Nik Nazmi, who is also the Seri Setia assemblyperson, told Malaysiakini when contacted today.
Kicked him and his car

On his second attempt through another entrance, he said, he was stopped again and this time he and his vehicle were kicked, until police came to break up the scuffle.

While there were dents on the vehicle, he said nobody, including himself, suffered any injury from the scuffle.

He lodged a police report at the Majidee police station at 10pm before asking for police escort to retrieve items left at the venue, such as tents and a local PKR leader's car.

"They still tried to surround us but with the heavy police presence, we were able to leave with our stuff (at 11pm)," Nik Nazmi said, praising the police as professional. - Malaysiakini