Thursday, 10 January 2013

MCA supported Umno to sell out the Chinese

MCA supported Umno to sell out the Chinese
By Chua Jui Meng
The 1,200-people Klang PKR early Chinese New Year Dinner cum ceramah at Restaurant Taman Rahsna on Jan 10, 2013.
PKR vice-president Chua Jui Meng sharing a light moment with Nurul Izzah and Tan Yee Kew at the VVIP table before the start of the dinner cum ceramah.

THE MCA sold out the Chinese and other non-Bumiputra communities by supporting the 9th Malaysia (9MP) which contained damning wealth ownership controls.
Then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had not only extended the New Economic Policy (NEP) till 2020, the MCA supported 9MP’s Wealth Ownership clause which which require non-Bumiputra Small-Medium Industries (SMIs) and Small-Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to surrender at least 30% share equity to Bumiputras.
The MCA Chinese traitors and their racist Umno masters must be given the boot before they inflict further and irreparable damage to the country’s socio-economic growth.
The MCA big four who sold out the Chinese were Ong Ka Ting, Chan Kong Choy, Fong Chan Onn and Chua Soi Lek, and other Cabinet members.
Chua … MCA supported Umno to sell out Chinese and others.

The 9MP was formulated in 2005 and until today, none of the Chinese vernacular newspapers dare to report what I have been raising and saying about the 9MP.
It was also because of my strong objection to the extension of the NEP that Umno had interfered and influenced MCA central leaders to clip my wings and eventually forcing me to find another political platform to serve Malaysians and Malaysia.
That platform is PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR).
I had made it clear that I objected to the extension of the NEP because, after more than two decades, it had only benefited Umno chieftains and their cronies.
The majority of the rural and urban Malays remain poor, in the low and middle income groups.
The NEP had also achieved 45% corporate equity for the Malays, nore than the 30% target. Unfortunately, the bulk of the wealth had been hijacked by Umnoputras and their cronies.
After failing my second bid for the MCA presidency, I was offered and I could have taken up a cushy high paying, high flying corporate appointment but I decided to fight for justice and discrimination.
The future of our children, grand children and generations to come is more important than the corporate money and perks.
Nurul Izzah … 55 years of a looting BN-Umno government is enough. Today, there is no law and justice for the rakyat. We have a shameless prime minister in Najib Abdul Razak who does not know anything about integrity and accountability.

Only this evening the police have announced the revocation of the permit for the Himpunan Rakyat Kuala Lumpur to assemble in Merdeka Stadium on Saturday (Jan 12, 2013).
Again, the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) has displayed its dirty tactics in trying to frustrate PR and the rakyat with the use of the police.
We will storm Stadium Merdeka for Change!
The March 2008 political tsunami was not strong enough to bury BN.
PR only managed to win a parliamentary seat each in Sabah, Sarawak and Johor – all considered BN strongholds or fixed deposit states.
This time around or the coming 13th General Election, it is crucial for Malaysians who wish to see justice, democracy and good governance to give their mandate to PR to rule.
Malaysians in these three states who decide on a total of 82 parliamentary seats hold the key to our future.
Tan Yee Kew … if BN is allowed to continue to rule after GE13, Malaysia will surely be bankrupted because billions of corrupt ringgit is being smuggled out of the country every year. We want change not only because we want Anwar Ibrahim to be prime minister, or Chua Jui Meng to be a Cabinet minister, but more so for a trustworthy and just government that respects the rule of law and democracy.

We need a clean, honest and sincere government to forward Malaysia and the only choice for Malaysians today is PR.
After 55 years of looting the country’s wealth and coffer, dividing a multi-racial multi-religious society to extend their misrule and abuses of power are more than enough reasons for the rakyat to replace the BN government.
I wish all Chinese a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Also a very joyous and prosperous change in GE13.
Tian Chua …Malaysians have no other choice but to support DAP, PAS and PKR for the future of our generations. We need a government that can bring about higher and higher socio-economic progress every year. Capital flight, now totalling RM641 billion and still counting, is no future.