Sunday, 13 January 2013

BN uses NRD, EC to cheat in GE13

BN uses NRD, EC to cheat in GE13
By Chua Jui Meng

POLITICIANS and their parties are elected to serve their citizens.
However, in Malaysia, elected Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians do not serve the rakyat, only their own political wellbeing and personal interest.
They intimidate and abuse the government machinery to not only serve their interest but also to cheat to remain in power.
In the next 13th General Election, the two instruments of government that will feature prominently are the National Registration Department (NRD) and the Election Commission (EC) which is helmed by Umno members! Can anyone beat that!
In line with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s “win at all cost” battle cry, the NRD was reported to have issued some two million identity cards to foreigners to enable them to vote for BN.
Foreigners who look like Myanmaris or Nepalese (as in the pic below) are issued with blue identity cards but with an expiry date!!! With such blue identity cards, these “phantom voters” can then cast their ballots for BN.
They are instant but temporary citizens of Malaysia!
BN cares not about the long-term social problems posed by the foreigners on the locals. After all, what is “Win at all cost”?
Look at the foreign-generated social woes in Sabah, look at Chowkit and now Petaling Street Chinatown. This is how BN treats its rakyat. We are pariahs to BN!
BN politicians are just traitors of the people, to say the least. Treason is what BN-Umno is guilty of.
Malaysians can and will also have their last real chance in this century to change all that in the coming general election.
Show them who’s the boss in Malaysia?
Make the correct decision in GE13 for the future of the rakyat and country.
Nothing short of the rise of a real mighty Peoples’ Power, as witnessed in other countries, can topple such a dishonest, corrupt and evil regime.
Reproduced below is an email circulating among Malaysians:


Country sold to foreigners? Check your IC has "Tarikh Luput" or obvious-loh
BN Issued more than 2,000,000 IC's for foreigners under Selangor address.
This is a proof of unhealthy election going to take place on GE 13.
This guy is a Myanmarian/Burmese.. The joke is this IC got 'Tarikh Luput'.. Very interesting

Is "Blue" IC not "Red" IC.....

 Please forward to your MPs!