Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Guaranteeing Equal Access to Educational Opportunities (Flashback 5 – Final)

Guaranteeing Equal Access to Educational Opportunities (Flashback 5 – Final)
By Chua Jui Meng
ARTICLE 12(i) of the Federal Constitution guarantees that the Government cannot discriminate in the administration of schools and colleges, and in particular the admission of students and the public funding of those educational institutions based on religion, race, descent or place of birth.
This is critical to bring about the removal of racial barriers between the races experienced amongst the youth of this nation.
An adherence to the Federal Constitution is VITAL to achieve a BANGSA MALAYSIA in 2020.
The students are Malaysians equal before the law, follow the national curriculum, are administered and taught by staff and teachers sent by the Ministry of Education and covered under the Education Act.
The equality provisions must apply to these schools.

Bringing Safety and Security to All Malaysians
With a strong, transparent and accountable government in place, we need to start addressing the issues that affect the daily lives of all Malaysians.
As such, I support the effort to INCREASE THE MANPOWER AND LEGAL/EVIDENCE TRAINING OF POLICE OFFICERS to help fight the growing menace of crime.
A strong, professional, non-corrupt and rakyat-friendly police force is the cornerstone of any effort to combat crime and securing the nation so that every Malaysian can feel safe on the roads, in their workplaces and schools, and most importantly in their homes.

Fighting Corruption through Transparency
As with my vision to have a transparent and honest leadership within the Party, if elected president, I will actively seek to extend this transparency to the government and all its institutions and bodies.

Open Tender System
To that effect, I intend to ask the Government to LEGISLATE A TRANSPARENT OPEN TENDER SYSTEM for all government departments and their dependent bodies, extending this system to all government-linked companies (GLCs).

Parliament to oversee GLCs
Taking it a step further, I will also ask the government to PLACE ALL GLCs AND INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THE PURVIEW OF PARLIAMENT. For the sake of effectiveness, the ministries will continue to have oversight but we must allow Parliament to form Parliamentary Committees that have the authority to view accounts of these GLCs and institutions, and the right to call in the managements of these organisations for questioning and briefings.

Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) Must Be Independent
Amongst the most important institution that needs to be under the purview of Parliament is the ACA.
The MCA must support the stand of Transparency International Malaysia that the ACA should be an INDEPENDENT body.

Enhancing the Education System for the Knowledge Economy
With Malaysia continually integrating with the rest of the world economy, we must recognise the challenges that our children will face in the future.
They will be competing with people from other countries for employment and business opportunities.
MCA must fight for enhancements to our education system so that our children can adapt to the global knowledge economy.

Critical Thought
We must PROMOTE CRITICAL THOUGHT in our classrooms, and challenge our students to think outside the confines of our traditional and cultural boxes.
They must be trained to explore, to adapt and be creative, as well as to continually learn and grow in a dynamic global environment of continuous and rapid change.

Right to Mother Tongue Education
MCA must continue fighting to SAFEGUARD MOTHER TONGUE EDUCATION, not just as a matter for cultural heritage but as an asset for our children as both China and India emerge as the world’s new economic giants.
We should promote linguistic studies for all Malaysians so that our businesses can play a more influential role in the globalised world.
We must strengthen the teaching of English.

Arrest the Failure and Drop-out Rate
We must ARREST THE FAILURE AND DROP-OUT RATE of our students. In particular the increasing number of students who move from the vernacular primary schools into the national secondary schools.
MCA must fight for programmes to help these students to overcome the linguistic barriers at both the primary school and secondary school levels.
Promote Post-Graduate Studies
To foster a continuous learning environment, MCA must press the government to PROMOTE POST-GRADUATE STUDIES via tax incentives and loans to our rakyat already in the workforce so that they have every opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge.
MCA must ensure that more resources and investments are poured into our children’s education so that Malaysia will never be left behind in the global economy.

Strengthening Our Economy through Leadership and Diplomacy
A major force that will shape our nation in the future is globalisation and the emergence of regional economies like China and India that will challenge our traditional manufacturing base.
An abundance of cheap labour coupled with large domestic markets and population will render our manufacturers uncompetitive.
To prosper, we need to develop our human capital.

Moving up the Economic Value Chain
As leader, I will petition the government to provide support to our manufacturing base to RE-SKILL OUR WORKERS AND RETOOL OUR FACTORIES to move to more high-tech manufacturing.
The development of a highly skilled productive workforce will allow us to secure our competitive edge by moving up the economic value chain and give us the ability to explore new markets and innovate to serve new opportunities and niches.

Promote Trade
Malaysia is blessed to be both historically and geographically the crossroad of this region.
By cultivating these ancient ties, we will be able to open up all these markets to our goods and services as well as become a destination for their investment dollars.
MCA leaders and I will personally lead delegations of our businessmen to these countries.
MCA will do well to remember that most of the people in our community are involved in the SMI/SME sector. It is imperative for the wellbeing of our country that this sector be integrated into the global economy.

Supporting Small Businesses in Capitalising on Global Opportunities
MCA must therefore play an effective role in INCREASING SMI/SME PARTICIPATION IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY.
With the above activities and through human resource training programmes and government sponsored international trade offices, I believe that the Malaysia SMI/SMEs will be well positioned to compete effectively in the world economy.
MCA will work with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to CREATE A REGIONAL INFORMATION DATABASE that will help our private sector obtain market data and economic intelligence and help them network with the private sectors of these countries.